Emotional Senses

lady in sun

A wise man once said, emotions are what make life real. It’s the feelings that give color and meaning to what is happening. Growing up, to differing degrees, children are taught to suppress emotions as to not cause trouble and waves. What is to be done with big emotions or little ones? Things are changing and cognitive behavioral therapy for example has been growing in popularity, learning to identify and cope with emotions has long ranging effects when it comes to positive changes in mental health. Stress is known as a severe cause of most health conditions, clearly emotions are calling us to understand them and befriend them.

Chinese Medicine has a unique way of viewing emotions, each organ has it’s own emotion and there is often a healthy as well as an awry sense of each

Heart – love and thinking, mania, anxiety

Lungs – clarity and order, grief and sadness

Liver – motivation, anger and rage

Kidney cautiousness, fear

Spleen – thinking, worry and ruminating

The same man I knew years ago, also said that holding emotions in and down cause anxiety and depression. Emotions are meant to move, when a big burst of a cry comes forth that is healthy. When weeping persists this can be seen as being stuck, life is active and dynamic and likes to change with what is happening. My yoga teacher Sarahjoy says, not accepting what is, is suffering; accepting what is, is peace.

Perhaps one is staying stuck in not accepting what has happened or what is happening, creating suffering. To feel better, to relieve depression acceptance of what is first is necessary. It’s like receiving a diagnosis, in a clinical setting the first step to treating what is ailing you is to investigate and identify. Each condition once determined has treatment and prognosis. It’s the same with helping yourself, and in natural medicine.

Once we understand what we’re grappling with sometimes then we don’t even know where we’re holding on, acupuncture and yoga can help you release stuck emotions on a bio-physical level. The neurons, your muscles, the thoughts that you think all desire to work in concert with each other, helping the different parts of you communicate with each other is a goal of holistic medicine. It takes trusting that there is an intelligence of your body beyond your conscious mind. It’s said in modern psychology that if you do not control your emotions, they will control you. Getting to know your mind, as it relates to your body will likely lead to a greater sense of being in charge of your emotional health, which so intimately relates to the rest of your wellbeing.