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When coming into the office a customized treatment will be created just for you, depending on your needs and preferences. Keeping with the philosophy of helping you live your best life and feel good in your body, any element from Eastern medicine may be used under our scope of practice. This often includes some combination of acupuncture, Asian bodywork, moxibustion, cupping, herbal medicine, and possibly sound healing which includes instruments shamanic drumming, digeridoo, or guitar and singing.

Only if requested we offer nutritional and lifestyle coaching as part of treatments at no extra cost. It’s hard to separate your health from your life, and as holistic healthcare providers we are here to look at different aspects of it all – the mandala if you will – or the wheel, as see how they all connect and can function in your body.


The insertion of fine needles by highly trained practitioners. Styles include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Richard Tan & Master Tung, and Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese treatments. Effective for more than just pain, please be sure to visit the conditions treated section of the site.


Moxabustion refers to the burning of the herb Mugwort over specific points of the body, basically heat acu-therapy. It warms the body for different healing focuses and is a wonderful way to warm up during winter or if you are often cold. Can be used with acupuncture or alone.


Many cultures use cupping and various tools have been historically and currently used. Our clinic prefers Chinese fire cupping style with glass cups. This is an effective treatment for asthma, expelling colds and flus, as well for releasing the myofascial layer. Cups may be stationary or with added salve moved over the focus area ‘massaging’ the skin and top layers of muscle and fascia.

60 or 90 minute Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a type of massage that is performed fully clothed. Either laying down on a mat or upon the massage table, Shiatsu follows the meridians touching on acupoints. Stimulating the energy circuit in the body to flow relaxed and freely, relieving pain and stress. Maybe different from what you’re used to but achieves the same goals as a regular massage, with a required energetic awareness by the provider.

Herbal Consultation + Customized Formula

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a sophisticated system with powerful compounds. Whether you have allergies, a cold or flu, or pain, there is a custom formula our clinic is ready to prepare for you. Fully stocked with granule herbs, the best tasting and most convenient, ready to stir in hot water and drink. An acupuncture treatment often includes an herbal intake and *formula, but if it’s just the herbs you’re looking for it is offered separately for your convenience.

What is a typical treatment like?

The first visit includes an interview to get a good idea of the overall health history. Questions relating to your biggest areas of concern will be asked and you will have the total focus of your acupuncturist. Visits after that will also include an intake to see where there are improvements, and to re-evaluate the path of healing for each unique individual. A commitment to your health is what will lead to the choice to continue getting acupuncture treatments, meaning that it is a whole lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. Seeing you only sometimes, when you need it is just fine, but it’s our highest goal to continually support you in feeling the very best you can. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’d like to help you realize your ideal self!

*an herbal formula refers to in Chinese herbal medicine, single herbs are not used. Every herb is specially chosen and paired with as few as 4 or as many as 10 or 20 other single herbs. All of which interact with each other in a specific and specialized way. For example, licorice is often used to balance all the other herbs and to relax the stomach, helping in the assimilation.