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Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis

When all the hard work you do, instead a big payoff, gives you a: pain in the elbow. Sometimes of the forearm, wrist, and hand as well usually the pain is located near the lateral epicondyle, the little bony landmark on the outside of the elbow. Whether you just can’t get enough tennis, you have a manual labor job, or your just an active person who leads a normal life opening jars and lifting things as you clean your home, you may end up with this inflammatory pain midway between upper arm and forearm. You don’t deserve it, you deserve the opposite to enjoy the fruits of your labors in comfort and pleasure in your body.

In Western medicine it’s usually treated with physical therapy, NSAID’s, and ice. It is said to take 6 months to 2 years for healing and that the activity that caused it needs to be stopped. Just for a moment allow yourself a deeper and less limited view. Some say that acupuncture is good to use if physical therapy isn’t working, or once a condition becomes permanent. Our experience here at Sitting Swan with pain conditions and tennis elbow specifically, is that acupuncture helps whether it’s permanent or new. With acupuncture on your side when suffering from tennis elbow, you can bet on shaving several years to months off your healing time. The rule that you must stop the activity that caused the tennis elbow, is generally a good one, but what if being a fork-lift operator, for instance, is your livelihood? Acupuncture combined with another strengthening therapy like yoga, can keep you doing what you need or love to do and with greater awareness of your body which reduces strain injuries.

Physically lateral epicondylitis is Inflammation of the tendons and joints of the elbow from repetitive use or over-use. It can develop suddenly after intense and new  activities, or overtime doing the same activity due to repetitive strain. Things may seem fine for the first few or many years or sustained use of your arm, but eventually it can catch up with you creating this inflamed and painful state. Called tennis elbow because it due to some pretty strenuous and arm involved motions.

It exists in contrast to ‘golfers elbow,’ depending on location. Tennis elbow in on the outside of the arm in elbow area muscles, and golfers is on the inside. Both muscle strain conditions respond well to acupuncture.